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Inviting mankind to Peace

Aims & Objectives of The Azeemia Spiritual Order


Aims and objectives of Azeemia Spiritual Order, which are to be observed by all the members of this Order

  • To serve the Religion by remaining on the Straight Path.

  • To strive to advance the Spiritual Mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after practicing his teachings truthfully.

  • To serve the creatures of God.

  • To invite the people to acquire the religious knowledge besides learning the spiritual and the modern sciences.

  • To help people to have that thinking pattern through which they could be aware of their Soul and the Spiritual Potentials.

  • To be sympathetic and courteous with everyone, as much as possible, irrespective of his caste, creed or color by considering the whole mankind a family.

 Click here to see Rules and Regulations mandatory for all the members of Silsila Azeemiya: